The History Club meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in the upstairs meeting room at 7pm, if you wish to come along please use the side door when Youth Club is on and check the calendar page as there are no meetings in some winter months.

The Gwynedd Family History Society – Cymdeithas Hanes Teuluoedd, – has been compiling a record of memorial inscriptions in local churchyards. The History Club was asked to help with this task. It is thanks to Ilona Sewell and David Roberts that the recording of information from St-Ann’s churchyard has almost been completed in draft form. The task was not easy and they were hampered by midges, wasps and dense overgrown brambles. Congratulations to Ilona and David on their perseverance and a successful result. The last two meetings of the Club have been spent transferring the data gathered from the gravestones onto individual family files, which record the families who lived in Mynydd from the 1841 Census to the 1901 census.

The Three Chapels of Mynydd Llandegai

Peniel – Wesleyan. In 1846 Peniel Chapel was built on land leased from the Penrhyn estate for £250. In 1871 it was rebuilt at a cost of £448. In 1899 it was again renewed and a schoolroom added, this time costing £676. The chapel seated 208. The original lease was for 30 years at a ground rent of 5 shillings. From 1871 the 40 year lease was at a ground rent of 10 shillings.

Hermon – Calvinist Methodist. In 1846 Capel Hermon was built at a cost of £350 and rebuilt in 1875 for £600. The chapel seated 450. The land was again leased from the Penrhyn Estate. The addition of a Minister’s House cost £2650.

Amana – Congregationalist. According to the Capel Amana Record Book, the chapel was built in 1845 at a cost of £196 – 10s – 6d. In 1853 and 1868 it was improved and enlarged to seat 340. In 1897 the House and Vestry cost £656 – 11s – 2½ d. The annual ground rent paid to the Penrhyn Estate was again 5 shillings.


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